5 Complaints About the New Soundcloud Design


Over the past year, SoundCloud has become the premier destination for musicians to showcase their work and connect with fans as well as other artists. With their easy integration into blog posts and social sharing options, the SoundCloud player has become an ubiquitous part of music sharing in modern times. With 15 million users and approximately 10 hours of music being uploaded to SoundCloud’s servers every minute it is clear that SoundCloud is a big deal.

This week, SoundCloud rolled out their brand new site-wide redesign which has been under private beta for the past few months. Along with a powerful new HTML5 player (which allows all major devices to access the sounds) as well as offering continuous playback while browsing other sounds/pages and a Twitter inspired “Repost” button, the redesign does look great. However looking pretty doesn’t necessarily make it great.

While change almost always comes with resistance, the complaints about the new SoundCloud design have been rampant. Maybe we'll all come around to the new look with time, but for now, a lot of people aren't too happy. Here are some of the major gripes users are having.

Words of Wisdom: “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”

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