5 Reasons Why The Cannibal Ox Reunion Show was a Disappointment


Last month, Cannibal Ox confirmed that they'd finally be following up 2001's The Cold Vein, an album widely regarded as an underground hip-hop classic. The reunion show went down last night at The Knitting Factory in New York City, and we went into it with a mixture of uncertainty and excitement. We left with one thing: disappointment. As much as it pains us to say, the Cannibal Ox reunion show was one of the worst concerts we've been to this year.

By Jon Tanners and Confusion

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  • bryck

    This depressed me just from reading it. What’s the point of a reunion show if only a fraction of the music is Cannibal Ox’s?

  • Joe

    Couldn’t come up with more s.a.t. words to talk hiphop? Were you drinking a pabst blue ribbon and combing your beard when you tight jean wearing trust fund babies wrote this ? C-Rayz is a beast. He would send all your favorite rappers to the store for ducthes and put his beers in your fridge.

  • Synthesis

    Vast Aire trying to blow his crew up off the Cannibal Ox name. Vordul Mega looked so uncomfortable up there. A messed up way to go out.

  • Kevin

    All I remember were girls screaming, play “Pigeon”, “The F Word” and one black chick screaming for Vordul Mega at the end of the show! You knew as soon as Vast Aire said, “we going get into some new shit” the show was officially over. Someone let me know when the REAL Reunion happens, this was a waste of my time.

  • Devan

    Wow after reading all of this I’m kind of embarrassed to listen to my Cold Vein album if this is how they are going to treat their fans. In fact thinking about a new Can Ox album is scary right now.

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