A Guide to the New MySpace


Since its heyday in the mid-2000s, MySpace has become the butt of social media jokes. In recent years, however, not only has the company been purchased by a group that includes Justin Timberlake, but music supervisor Scott Vener has been added to help curate the site behind the scenes.

At its peak and even a bit beyond, MySpace was a haven for budding artists to not only get their music heard, but to build up communities that could enable them to tour, sell merchandise, and maintain a career without having to go through the major label machine. Before MySpace fell, a number of websites began cropping up offering these opportunities and more, rendering this once appealing, incidental aspect of the site to be rendered useless in the eyes of many.

While "New" MySpace's design is beautiful, we're wondering how a new MySpace holds up against the robust services offered by sites like Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and others that effectively allow you to both upload (and sell) your music, while still maintaining a social aspect. Will there even be a point to adding this to your ever-growing list of social media sites? We got a chance to preview the site, and want to walk-through some of the immediate questions artists might have when trying to incorporate MySpace into their online traffic.

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  • Henry

    It’s a nice makeover, but will people think it’s ‘cool’ anymore? Like you said, it’s the butt of basically all social media jokes. It’ll take some serious plugging by mainstream artists to get this going, IMO

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  • offbeat

    agreed. “so you guys on myspace” from superbad was TKO

  • JB at worldgoodhiphop

    “Hello Kitty dancing across your page while the scrolling text from The Matrix runs in the background”


    “Imagine worldstarhiphop with ACTUAL hip-hop”

  • OhManManManny

    it looks amazing. Very much like the new Microsoft surface. I am rooting for an epic comeback. Lets not forget they gave us the Arctic Monkeys,Lilly Allen and the Rascals.
    Please send an invite, I wanna try it already

  • http://www.fugotmusic.com fugot

    I am on the new myspace and i dig it. Very easy to find new music, older albums that are harder to find. and the ability to manage them all. i am sure it will get more commercial as time goes by, but it is great for streaming tunes and making mixes.
    Search fugotmusic and connect to me-it’s the best way for me to find out what music you love. Many thanks…peace

  • http://www.threesheetsresearch.com Julia Rubinic

    Three Sheets Market Research just released a video of their latest drunk usability test on the new MySpace. The subject, Matt, tries the site after 5 bourbons.

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