A Very Skrillex Christmas


With the Holiday season in full swing, we KNOW you probably live near or around some family who truly goes all out. They’ve got the Griswold display on their house, maybe some songs playing. Countdown clocks until Santa comes to town. Maybe you even have neighbors who started syncing their lights to whatever holiday music they have playing. We don’t think you have neighbors who go in like this…

If you’re on the ‘Net, you’ve probably seen The Cadger Christmas Light Show, from this family in Idaho. They are one of the families that have websites about their display, with times for “the show” posted. Last year, they threw in some Skrillex and made it a pretty dubstep Christmas, but 2012 has them totally outdoing themselves, mixing in two Skrillex tracks into a pretty spastic show (skip to about 1:57 in the clip below). Hopefully their neighbors are into the dubstep! This is almost as beautiful as Skrillex reinterpreted on the piano, but for an entirely different reason.

H/T: @DontHateBeHated

  • CudderisBack

    Do you know the name of the first track? And where I could find it

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