Capital STEEZ of Pro Era Passes Away at 19


Tragedy often strikes at unexpected times, and the death of 19-year old Jamal Dewar, better known as Capital STEEZ of Pro Era is a prime example.  Tweets from numerous members of the Pro Era clique confirm his passing, but the most chilling of all came early this morning at 2:59 A.M. when Jamal simply tweeted, “The End,” suggesting that his passing may have been self-inflicted.  At only 19, Capital STEEZ was already renowned for his potent lyricism and intelligence. More to follow as details become available.  Our deepest condolences go out to Jamal’s family and friends.





UPDATE Statik Selektah reworked the opener to PRO ERA’s PEEP: The APROcalypse release in tribute to STEEZ.

UPDATE Complex posted a dope timeline of STEEZ’s output from March until this month.

  • LifeisWar

    This just hit me hard. I’m sitting here downloading the Pro Era CD so I can enjoy this mans talent along with his fellow MCs. I never imagined I would be downloading his music as I read about his death. RIP Capitol Steez

  • Andre (PayUp)

    This news had made me sick to my stomach. Seriously. Rest In Peace, STEEZ.

  • greek

    damn man i was really looking forward to his music dude was lyrical and intelligent. RIP Steez

  • Dmitry

    Wtf mean 12 23 12 ?

  • itu

    I dont even know what to say this guy was amazing my fav in the group no doubt RIP STEEZ

  • Soopa Fly

    he went too soon….such skill and smooth flows. no one flows like him or pro era nowadays.

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