Comebacks We Want to See in 2013


With Christmas just passed, it may be a bit late for us to send our wishlists to Santa, but here goes nothing. We got a ton of great music in 2012, so we're certainly not complaining. We also have a lot to look forward to on the horizon. That said, there are some artists - both recent favorites and past legends - who we'd love to see make a return to form in 2013. Check out our picks of artists we'd love to see make a comeback.

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  • billy

    no one wants to see a charles hamilton comeback in 2013 yall

  • luc

    Yeah lol Charles Hamilton is a bum.

  • Fer

    ^^^ Chill. Charles Hamilton is a musical genius. If he came back with a good head on his shoulder he could be great. I want to see him come back and i know other fans do too. Thanks for including CH on the list guys.

  • khal

    i reckon a lot of Internets will want to see Hamilton return.

  • fresh

    I miss charles hamilton from his 08-09 years. Charles today just doesn’t sound as passionate and happy anymore. also his beats all sound the same today

  • saulgoode

    with all of the great rappers that have come to prominence post ch, why would anyone still care about him? and that’s aside from the monumental amount of Ls he took in succession.

  • Krista


  • SK

    i was never really about Charles Hamilton, but I think it’d be dope to see a Wu-Tang come back in 2013.

  • Charles Hamilton

    What did I personally do to y’all? Y’all say some personal ass shit to and about me…

  • Confusion

    There is absolutely nothing personal about it. Saying we liked 2009 Charles Hamilton and wish CH would make a comeback but maybe he won’t because of personal shit (you’ve said that there’s a lot of shit in the industry that you don’t want to be a part of) is offensive?

  • Yo

    He’s not coming back. Move on.

  • anon

    I saw Lou Reed in 2009 and I listened to Lulu. Trust me, you do NOT want him ‘coming back’ anymore. He tried to come back and he sucked.

    The Velvet Underground and Berlin were a LOOOONGGGG time ago

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