DJ Shadow to Release “Infamous” Set on December 30th via Beatport


In what should be the final word on the DJ Shadow/Mansion Nightclub debacle, Beatport has given word that DJ Shadow’s “infamous” set, the one that got him kicked off the decks at Miami’s Mansion on the 14th of December (an act that Mansion publicly apologized for), will be uploaded to their “Beatport Mixes” service on December 30th. This is in contrast to Shadow’s earlier remarks about posting it to his Soundcloud page, and while neither side has mentioned it, this will effectively mean that anyone who wants to own the mix will have to pay.

If you’re not familiar, Beatport might be the most popular service for EDM fans to purchase dance music electronically. Beatport Mixes is a service Beatport has set up for DJs to upload mixes to. The mixes normally cost $10, with the proceeds being split between the DJ, the producers of the tracks used, and Beatport themselves. It’ll be interesting to see how this mix, which is said to be a “full-length recording of that infamous set,” will actually be. Will Beatport be putting this up for free or for a fee? And with word that Shadow’s set was only about thirty minutes, due to being cut early, how will this sound? Will it end with Shadow’s comments about the music being “too future?” Guess we have a few more days to stew over this one…


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