DJ Shadow Vows to Post Infamous Set


It’s still unbelievable how much traction DJ Shadow got for not being able to complete his set in Miami last Friday. It’s even crazier that Shadow’s had so little to say about it… although judging by the way the ‘Net has been enraged by this story, there’s not much he had to say. A few days ago, he sent out a few tweets, questioning what he thought was the cause of his set being shut down, and also says he’ll be uploading his set to SoundCloud. There’s nothing new up there (yet), but keep it locked, as we’ll definitely post it as soon as it drops. Check out Shadow’s recent tweets on this situation.


  • Rik M. Smits

    He probably got his set interrupted because of that horrible outfit he’s wearing.

  • tmx krew

    wanna hear funny story about one big dj who asked double price (aka fuck off price) for his gig in moscow, and then been asked to finish his set after 30 min… anyway no one ever hear anythng about that, because 24 000 euros for 30 min is not so bad

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