Freddie Gibbs Confirms Leaving Young Jeezy’s CTE Label


Over the last week, there had been speculation about Freddie Gibbs‘ status with Young Jeezy‘s CTE label. Talk of him not wearing the CTE chain, or any word of when his album would be released, helped fuel this fire, but we now have confirmation, via a call put into Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club, that Freddie Gibbs is on his own.

It’s not something to get shook about; Freddie recently set up his own label, ESGN, and with projects out the wazoo (including that Cocaine Piñata with Madlib), this is hardly the last we’ll hear of Gangsta Gibbs.

(Fake Shore Drive)

  • Rob HM

    Must of been hard being under a label owned by a guy less talented than you. Good for Gibbs, he should have his pick from a bunch labels given his last couple of mixtapes.

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