Hear the Brooklyn Nets’ YES Network Theme Song


With the new home and new look that the Nets received for this year, we’re also being treated to new sounds. No, not just Jay-Z opening Barclays with a string of live shows, we’re talking about music associated with the team on all fronts. The YES Network, which is the official broadcast channel of the Brooklyn Nets, has licensed a sweet piece of music for their Nets broadcasts. If you’re in the tri-state area and have caught a Nets game on YES, you’ve definitely heard this during the intro and outro animations during their broadcasts.

Many might not have been away that the man behind those horns was none-other than Brooklynite (by way of Toronto) Marco Polo, who is no stranger to hip-hop heads. He’s been putting in work for a while, and to have a co-sign of this magnitude is a beautiful thing. We’ve got the full instrumental available for stream right now for you Nets fans who have either heard this on TV or during their games live and couldn’t get it out of their heads.

This sync placement was made possible by Beats & Rhymes, the Indie Urban subsidiary of DeWolfe Music.

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