Highlights From Wale’s “Folarin” Mixtape


Since signing to MMG, Wale has been pretty inconsistent. Fans of the go-go flavored style of his earlier work saw him drift further away from what made him unique and more into pop rap mediocrity. His first album was a disappointment, but with his signing to MMG, it seemed like the second chance that many artists never get. Instead of trying to really focus in on his skill set, he just gave in to being shaped by the MMG mold. While guys like Meek Mill and Gunplay shine in that kind of setting, Wale simply doesn’t, and although he has his moments (particularly “Bait”), it still feels like a lot of staleness and a lot of misguided energy.

His latest mixtape, Folarin, is another unfocused collection of tracks that leaves a lot to be desired, but there are some moments that kept us just interested enough to keep paying attention. Here are a few highlights. You can check out the whole thing here.

Wale ft. Chinx Drugs / Fatz – “Let A N*gga Know” (Prod by Rico Beats)

Wale ft. Travis Porter – “The One Eye Kitten Song” (Prod by Diplo)

Wale – “Ji-Dope” (Prod by Beat Billionaire)

  • kriscamp

    Go go is trash music anyway. Glad he left it alone. This reviewer sounds bitter

  • http://theblogaboutnothin.com UptownRoamer

    The lyricism on each song is superb. The beat selection was outstanding. I seriously do not understand this reviewer at all. Do you even LISTEN to what Wale is saying in his songs. Ambition went gold for a reason. He received a Grammy nomination for a reason. So you saying that he “gave in” sounds dumb honestly. Verse 2 on his Legendary song was sick. DC or Nothing opened up people’s eyes to what he represents to the area and why he won’t quit putting us on. The messages in Ambition set a whole new trend in hip-hop, now artist rap about working hard more, i.e. Wiz Khalifa. So if pigeonsandplanes need someone who LISTENS to music and not sound like a dumb ass email me at dmvuptownroamer@gmail.com I am a future A&R and know music unlike this reviewer.

  • Confusion

    Your blog name is a reference to a Wale mixtape? You might be biased. This mixtape is not superb or outstanding. It just isn’t. It has its moments. We’ve all got opinions though, and we all want different things from music. This didn’t do it for me.

    And are you really claiming that Ambition set the “trend” of rapping about working hard? No, it didn’t.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Wale may not be the best, but I wouldn’t say his first album was a disappointment. At least not for me. *shrug*

  • Greek

    I was expecting more from this mixtape. His lyricism is always on point but his beat selection sometimes lacking. I was a fan of his first album and I liked ambition quite a bit still wasn’t what I was expecting though. I think he’ll get it right for me soon though.

  • Not Wale

    Confusion is right. Wale has not lived up to what we thought he was going to be. When he started getting attention (was tight with Kid Cudi and did that 10 Deep mixtape), he looked like he had CRAZY potential. Ever since then, he’s had a few hits, but nothing special. Confusion’s right. Meek Mill shined in MMG’s style, Wale not so much.

  • Dfama

    Something about MMG music seems to miss the mark. Whether it’s Meek Mill’s lackluster debut, or Rick Ross running a seemingly successful formula to the ground. Wale, unfortunately is no different. This mixtape is just ok. The stand out tracks are pretty good but easily forgettable. Much like the state of Wale’s career.

    I am not a future A&R.

  • Rook

    For every release that I have listened to from Wale, I end up getting bored about 5 tracks in… The Too Much Talk Freestyle was dope but, not on the tape…

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