Interview: MS MR Speak on “Hurricane,” Pop Music, and the Upcoming Album

ms mr

Earlier this year, MS MR came out of nowhere and stunned us with the soaring, mesmerizing "Hurricane," which marked them out as masters of dark, multilayered pop music. On top of that, in this information-saturated Internet age, details about the duo were scarce, allowing each new track that they released onto their colourful Tumblr to stand alone, judged purely on musical merit. As they released consistently great music and starting performing live, we slowly learned more about a band that is destined for big things next year.

With their debut album scheduled for a May 2013 release and a headline tour of Europe under their belts, we talked to Lizzy and Max about the benefits of being mysterious, the contradictory elements that run through their music, and their forthcoming debut album.

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