Jay Electronica’s Epic Twitter Rant


Jay Electronica has been pretty quiet lately, but he did take some time out on Christmas Eve to speak his mind on some things. Of course, this was after some drinking, so things were a little more candid than usual. Curious what Jay Elect thinks of Drake, Trinidad James, The Weeknd, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and every other rapper he could think of last night? Here we go:

  • http://www.str8buttah.com teck

    3 words- What The Fuck?

  • JB at worldgoodhiphop


  • http://rockthedub.com khal

    Merry Christams

  • Ash

    Go home Jay Elec, you’re drunk.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Random Solange shout out though.

  • itu

    hahah this shit is funny and hell

  • Harry mcstixx

    He could have saved himself and us all a lot of time and just said he fux with everyone.

  • vlado

    best rant ever

  • Doubleclick

    How is this a rant? He just keeps saying:

    1 “These people, yes, everyone else can die”
    2 “Oh yeah, and him. But everyone else, no”
    3 “Yeah and him. But nobody else”
    4 “Oh and him”

  • (required) Name

    Jay Electrolysis, probing the globe like a geologist, putting pussies on display like a gynecologist, so what you saying.

    Most lyrical rapper making music right now, also pound for pound king of starving his fans. Put out more music! Please!

  • http://jeanius.tv Jeanius

    He did not lie in his supposed “rant”. everything is pretty much right (except for the Game’s album, sorry). He showed appreciation for the new and old. It wasnt silly or ridiculous. People need to chill, its not a big deal.

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  • Zhughes3

    He says nothing about drake or trinidad

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  • Confusion

    “Drake is dope. Fuck that he spits” is about Drake

    “popped a molly im sweatin” is a Trinidad James ref

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  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Jon Tanners

    Ha @Pancake–random Solange reference ftw.

  • http://www.suedejury.com Suede Jury

    The Solange reference isnt really that random. Jay Elec is on Rocafella, which is Jay-Z’s label, Jay-Z is married to Beyonce, Beyonce is Solange’s sister.

  • yes

    He must’ve forgot about joey badass and the progressive era

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