The 10 Best Music Videos Starring Kids


There is no fool-proof way to make a good video, but there are a few things that almost always work. Lately, more new acts seem to be catching on that using kids in videos is one of those tricks. As viewers, we get sick of seeing bands acting all cool and rappers flaunting their wealth. Solution? Let a kid play the lead role. It's almost always more entertaining and when done right, these music videos can be a launching pad for some future stars. We know that there are at least a couple of budding all-star actors in these 10 clips. Click through and check out the best music videos starring kids.

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  • Maximus

    Really disappointed that Atmosphere’s “She’s Enough” didn’t make this list somewhere. I’ve gone back and watched that video at least 10 times since it was posted on P&P.

  • Ree

    Blind Melon- No Rain!? Lil Mouse- Get Smoked!?!? LOL I kid. I kid about the last one… not.

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