The 10 Best Adele Remixes


Adele's is a voice that has captivated audiences worldwide, to the tune of 10 million copies of her album 21 being sold. In 2012, no artist is safe from the producers, DJs, and remixes of the world, all waiting to take a crack at reworking vocals into their own range of BPMs. Adele's been no stranger to remixes, although Googling "Adele Rolling in the Deep remix" can bring up a number of bad ideas. That's where we come in; set fire to the muck, and revel in the marvelous ideas that creative producers have set in motion to the beautiful vocals of Adele.

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  • Tanisha

    I agree with these. Plus, everything off of Mick Boogie’s “Adele 88″ is amazing.

  • Lizzy

    This is my favorite adele ‘someone like you’ remix it’s by Lew Barnez he’s from Chicago it’s called Black Overdose it’s edgy.

  • mediocre

    this list is ok. mick boogie’s 1988 is probably the best mixtape ive heard in my life so far. cold shoulder Gilgamesh remix is numero onu to me

  • Kay

    What about the remix that has Childish Gambino on?

  • yournan

    basement jaxx cold shoulder remix

  • SixSeasonsAndAMovie

    Try Childish Gambino – Rolling In The Deep (Jamie XX Remix)

  • maxx

    How about skyfall sammie trap

  • monteboss

    1 choice is pure trash

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