The 15 Best Free Releases of 2012


By Kadene Chin

With streaming on the rise, we're getting to the point where "owning" music really doesn't matter. If you have access to all the music you could ever want, there's no need to clutter your computer with MP3s. But we aren't there yet, and a lot of us are still building up our iTunes, burning CDs, and collecting those unofficial releases that aren't on Spotify. Soon enough, all music will be free (maybe, hopefully) but for now, celebrate some of the year's best free projects.

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  • Demode

    WTF is this hipster crap? Meek Mill is the only that worth here, all others are gay! Cabin Fever 2 is a bad mixtape, Lex Luger alone had made previous tape, without him Wiz is just fake Jimmy Hendrix hipster scum! Rick Ross – Rich Forever? Gucci Mane – Trap God? On the other side, I’m glad that hipsters don’t listen to that! And Action Bronson is a fat albanian faggot!

  • J

    Too bad Mickey Factz ain’t on here

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Mmmm yess, that Clams Casino was definitely a treat this year. Ironic that it was only beats too.

  • SK

    only thing i prolly don’t agree with is rich forever not being on here, but that came out back in january so its easy to forget about it being part of this year.

    but how is this hipster crap with Taylor Alderdice, 1999, and Duality on here? Cabin Fever 2 isn’t even on the list.

  • SK

    oh and you didn’t include any Lil B releases, but I’m assuming thats because if we were considering Lil B it would just be all Lil B. gotta give these dudes a chance too

  • Confusion

    Rich Forever was on here and I cut it off. I understand why people like Rick Ross but he’s just a character to me. I don’t even dislike him or anything, just don’t see much value there. Taylor Allderdice > Cabin Fever 2.

  • Adam

    Hahaha ok Demode. All the others are gay, bronson is a faggot, and wiz is scum, yet you praise Rich Forever and Trap God…please tell me you’re 12 or just fucking with us.

  • Lemonface

    hahahaha that Charli XCX – Super Ultra Mixtape wins the award for worst artwork since the year 2000! God that’s ugly.

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