The 15 Best Songs About the End of the World


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Blackalicious - "Sky is Falling"

Though not typically known for taking on a darker tone, pioneering Bay Area duo Blackalicious took time out on their 2002 LP Blazing Arrowto lament the state of the world. While Chief Xcel set the stage with his anxious, densely melodic production, Gift of Gab painted a picture of a world in decline, morally corrupt from top to bottom. "Sky Is Falling" provides images of apocalypse and invokes the biblical Book of Revelation, but speaks more of social, ethical breakdown making way for worse times to come.

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  • Chase

    I was just listening to 1999 the other day and thought that it was perfect for today.

  • Breeezy

    ugh yes, bonus points for adding NIN

  • Viv

    great list!

  • NightHelix

    Gimme Shelter is obviously about needing a fix. needle wise. – It’s just a kiss away/It’s just a shot away.

  • Fuego de La Noche

    Gimme Shelter is about war, not end of the days…

  • Adam Sterling

    Aenima by Tool should’ve been #1 on this list.

  • TheKillah

    Pantera Floods? A song that has one of the best solos i heard and one of the best outros i heard, a mix of brutality, sadness, the song is pretty immersive.

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