The 50 Best Songs of 2012


It's getting harder and harder to keep up with songs. It's an obvious thing to say, but as 2012 settles into its grave, we're feeling the effects of the enormous pace and volume of music more than ever: singles are taking over. While certain albums have reiterated the importance of full bodies of work, our attention span is shrinking, information overload is inching closer to a point of completely overwhelming, and our appetite for instant gratification is becoming insatiable. In a strange way, we're okay with that.

Sure, there's something special about the connection with an album, and we don't see that completely disappearing any time soon, but it's been interesting to see how the consumption of music is shifting, and as much as we've tried to fight it, we're part of it, and one look at our Spotify playlists is enough to prove it. Rather than bemoan the demise of the album (we'll be celebrating full releases shortly, anyway), we'd like to give in for now and indulge in the glory of the best songs of the year.

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  • Rob HM

    Great list! Surprised Backseat freestyle was so high though, given all the heaters on GKMC. Personal favs ‘m.A.A.d City’, ‘There He Go’, ‘Red Eye’ by KRIT, ‘Can’t trust’em’ by Dizzy Wright, ‘Loftcries’ by Purity Ring to name a few.

  • a guest but not really

    about about 15 i thought to myself “wtf ? nothing off confess ?” im sorry i ever doubted. swell job.

  • Noory

    Yeah, defo thought ‘m.A.A.d City’ deserved a spot on the list more than ‘Backseat Freestyle’. Also felt The Shins’ ‘Simple Song’, along with a couple others from Port of Morrow could have made it up there. Solid list nevertheless :)

  • aheit

    You should make these lists into spotify playlists

  • Max

    Pyramids…. Money trees….. M.A.A.D. City… Lost….

  • Confusion
  • TheBigPR

    YES!! Spotify playlist made my day.

  • MikeG

    What’s up with an RDIO PLAYLIST??

  • Nate

    spotify playlist thats so dope! good look on the death grips, god knows they need all the support they can get now that they are probably on every label’s ubershitlist

  • Tucci

    Ouch, this list is terrible. Not one Weeknd song and you skipped pretty much every good GKMC song for the mediocre/above average ones. I’d give this shit a 5/10

  • Confusion

    You mean the Weeknd songs that came out in 2011?

  • Joyce


  • based


  • SK

    Wow what a joke. No Bitch Mob Task Force or keke the cat representation on this list.

    If we’re excluding Lil B this list is great, and fuck yeah spotify :DDDDD

    Shout out to the P&P staff for all the work they put in this year!

  • Rob HM

    Why do people get their knickers in a twist over end of year lists? It’s ONE websites subjective opinion. Look at NME’s or Pitchfork’s lists, there all going to be considerably different. (Although NME have done a aggregated list of many sites, which is pretty cool!)

  • Chase

    I agree with a lot on this list. I also believe that Bad Religion needs more recognition as an incredible song and it is one of my favorites off the album.

  • Rook

    Thanks for being a rad ass blog. I have been put on to many an artist because of this site. The way you keep it balanced between genres is dope as well.

  • YESH

    So freakin happy with this list. First im glad that Miguel and Ocean made the list. I was scrolling through convinced Frank would take first. Miguel is one of my favorite upcoming R&B artist and i can’t wait for either of grow in the future. (that is if frank ocean is going to make another album much less more music) SOLID LIST MAN!

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