The Best EDM of the Week


By Khal

First off, I'm glad there are some of you that mess with this movement. Without going in depth into what will be happening, there's a very good reason why these are being done. These being these weekly EDM features. You'll know soon enough. Yeah, I know, "enough of the cryptic speak!" This week got hit with a nice variety of beats, everything from what might be the most well-rounded release on The Jeffrees to the 16 year old Trap phenom known as Hucci. Far from a game, but if you've been on this ride, you knew that already.

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    How can Hucci be a 16 year old trap phenom every trap producer is a 16 year old boy who heard gucci mane for the first time two years ago and thinks he can call himself trill. matter of fact jacob/confusion hates dance music and only does this shit now because his ass is owned by complex and “the best edm of the week” gets clicks and shit so that he can buy out the rocawear store and feel like hes balling. yeah i remember how shit used to be, p and p used to have an ethic and a style back when this was for the love but now this shit is just hypetrak with 160% more snapbacks, yall are just rewriting press releases and talking about ‘movements’ like the corny rappers you post and throwin round EDM like its an actual word and not somethin dudes who have never set foot on a dancefloor in thier life invented bc they were too lazy to figure out the difference between house and dubstep and just went ‘fuck it they’re all djs’. your cosign means less than nothing to me and even my boy who hipped me to your site in 2009/10 admits you suck ass now. delete this fuckboy hypebeast shit website from the internet

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