The Grammys Don’t Get EDM


While the Grammys, like most awards shows, can seem like a pretty pointless exercise (just ask Bon Iver), the nominations do help chart an artist's progress within their field. When you consider the sheer amount of different categories, the process must be overwhelming, and for a category as new as the Dance ones, it has to be daunting. There are ways around this, but it doesn't feel like the Grammys has (or wants to) invest time in treating the EDM scene like it would rap, rock, or pop.

Yesterday, the Internet was buzzing over the 2013 nominations in general, but the dance music hubbub threw up a bright red flag, pointing right to Al Walser. Yes, an unknown artist is currently up for the Best Dance Recording award, and even if he WAS known, there's no way this drivel should be represented on this stage. While everyone flocked to this story, it feels like people are overlooking a few more ways that the Grammys practically says "pick from this small group and keep it moving" when it comes to this particular category.

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  • PancakeMcKennz

    Yeah, well these things happen with the Grammys. Let’s not forget when Jethro Tull won for best Hard Rock/Metal in 1989.

  • D-A

    Maybe they get it, but most of it sucks.

  • D-A

    … dick

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