Video: DJ Shadow Asked to Stop Spinning in Miami


On Friday night, DJ Shadow was spinning live at Miami’s Mansion nightclub in support of his All Bases Covered tour when a funny thing happened: one of the promoters asked DJ Shadow to stop spinning. While Shadow was getting into Krampfhaft’s “Spit Thunder,” the crowd was either not into his set or the promoters were just so amped to get their resident back on to drop more Top 40-inspired tracks that one walked right up to the decks and apparently asked Shadow to stop:

DJ Shadow did as he was asked, but this begs to question why Mansion is even booking these DJs. Earlier this year, Mansion did the same thing to Dennis Ferrer. It sounds like Mansion has people booking talent off name recognition without even knowing their style of music, which might make sense for a club wanting to bring fans in, but at $30 a pop? As you can hear in the above video, there were heads in the club who were definitely not feeling this decision.

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  • KHX

    Just avoid going to Mansion. Seems that club is a silly place, anyway and deserves to get such a silly image.

  • Tabby

    Those people are retarded, I would never want to go there! Dj Shadow is amazing, they obviously don’t know talent. Sheeple!

  • x

    the door people wouldn’t let me in because i was wearing a t-shirt…to a dj shadow concert. people with tickets were just standing there in this line that wasn’t moving while they were letting all these people without tickets in. been going to shows in miami for a long time, and they didn’t seem like a crowd that was there to see dj shadow. on the ride home, i found out shadow wasn’t going on until 3am. seems pretty apparent to me that mansion was attempting to do their normal friday night bs and then cram shadow in at the end. shadow must not have sold enough tickets or something.

  • x

    i forgot to add…F U MANSION. YOU ARE SCUM!!!

  • x
  • Estakka

    I am the one who shot the video. We waited till 3am for Shadow just to be booted. I just want to clear up that the crowd was screaming at the guy who asked him to stop and the following DJ. All the Shadow fans then mobbed out to the front asking for refunds which no one got. One manager then told us dont worry he will get paid. We need to make money. What about us small people who traveled and paid ridiculous South Beach prices for everything? Glad this has gone viral.

  • maura

    Estakka unless you are Eric then you did not shoot this video.

  • Estakka

    Maura, It is me. Red. Good looking out. What a weekend. Time for bed.

  • adam

    LOL!!! Integrity as a dj…….

  • jcarrier

    @ adam do you DJ? Do you spend thousands of dollars/hours on records and putting sets together. PISS OFF you muppet. You have no clue who or what you are talking about. Shadow is a LEGEND and deserves more respect than dipshits like you will ever dream of. He’s not your fucking ipod dickwad.

  • Yurt Master

    Well said J carrier, its muppets like Adam who have the scene in disarray, if he ever respected musicians for their art and not some hipsters throwing shapes and more interested in getting their picture taken he would`nt make such stupid comments.

  • sluga


  • Joey G

    I have no idea why people even go to that God, damn place. You’re literally have to full blown retarded to go there more than once. There are hundreds of better places to have a good night out. Hell a Burger King parking lot would be better than, Mansion. I mean for ficks sake they stopped, Ferrer because he wasn’t commercial enough. If the DJ doesn’t play shutty pop music they don’t want him.

  • Rob Ztar

    The ridiculousness of some club owners can’t be contained.

  • Maltas Finest

    I have been to the mansion last year…1st time in miami so me and my mate thought why not try it out… BBBBIGGG mistake…. after getting ripped off by some fucker who promotes… who took us to a pre-drinking open bar and what not… when we got to the club..all the others who where with us ( they where all girls)got into the vip and where given a bottle of vodka ( as was promised) apparently..there wasnt enough room for me and my mate in a clearly empty vip area…. MANSION CLUB SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN!

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  • Anduan

    One does not simply ask DJ Shadow to stop spinning.

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  • Miami

    Haha fuck miami politics those rich kids think they can do what they want since they got their gucci loafers and dress shirts bought by their parents and those promotors are scum if u aint willing to spend 2 stacks at liv or mansion don’t go. Just start promoting for a club and start to bring the artists that you want to the venues that you want, which know how to treat every person not just the people spending thousands of dollars. Or at very least tell your favorite club or venue who you would want to see. The people booking the shows are not mind readers and so to prevent shit like this from happening be more vocal locally.

  • matt

    This shows HUGE disrespect not only towards DJ Shadow, a true legend, but mainly to all the people that were there for his show.
    He’s obviously going to get paid, it’s all the “average Joes” who lost their money to this ridiculous nonsense.
    Pretty sad…

  • YUmano

    pretty sure this was the joint playing in the clip…

    if this is too future for Mansion, then they are stuck in a past that I will never drop anchor in! I played this remix to bits on the west coast all year! Mansion needs to grow up or get outta the game

  • DWN2DV8

    Sounds like the booking folks at the club need to bone up on how to do their jobs, or start looking for new ones.

  • Preacherman

    Dear Commercial/Pop Club promoters of this new hyped up wanna be scene crowd your music is pure bubble gum easy to chew and quick to spit out. These actions over the past year with respect to OUR HOUSE Music is deplorable. It’s a sad day for professional music producers and DJs who get sent packing cuz ‘my peeps’ want something more commercial and nostalgic. House Music was is and always be the music of the future, cuz it’s OUR sound that gets sampled into this less tasteful buffet.

  • Preacherman

    There is more House Music produced every year than most corporate labels can wish for; thousands of DJs and producers by hobby or trade spend a lot of time and creative effort in bringing you the true sound of dance music. And this is what we are witnessing today. Get some perspective. Cuz the underground will live forever baby…

  • ryan

    For some goofball promoter to interrupt a legendary artist is sad to see. Luckily the promoter guy will probably be a real-estate agent or a restaurant manager in a month or two.

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  • Preacherman

    that’s probably what he is and he was using his commission sales to book a big name talent (in name only) to support his party of DJ friends who are probably wedding djs on the side since most wedding djs have the biggest collection of commercial music; most of which was either ripped from the internet/neve paid for and becasue they can cut and paste an intro and an outro and call it a remix…oh I have to stop ;-)

  • vanlock

    YEAHHHHH , YOU ‘RE DAMN RIGHT about your integrity !!
    Fuck those who arn’t smart enough to understand that !

    Peace and keep it oldschool as you’re best in it;)

  • Tiff

    There really needs to be more respect for the job. A race car driver wouldn’t be asked to stop driving halfway around the track just because he didn’t bring enough fans. Above and beyond rude and disrespectful. Just because a professional is able to stop during their set doesn’t mean they should.

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  • Haris Ćupina

    Moj DiĐej Šadou, Selam ti je iz Mostara od Raje i Drž’ se ;)

  • Richard

    They did the same thing to Peaches when she played there a few months ago!

  • passing by

    If he really was that good, he would have sold more tickets and they wouldn’t have asked him to stop.

    Stop complaining.

  • steve brown

    dear “passing by” so sales are how we judge quality? a lot more quarter pounders get sold than lobster dinners, but that don’t mean those poop burgers are better :/

  • nicko_no7

    haha Bonobo – too future. Shadow is real and an excellent DJ and music maker. Best Mansion Miami doesnt come to the UK ever if it even cant handle a bit of Machinedrum. And the promoter looks like a really shit extra from Knight Rider in the 80’s. what a cock

  • nicko_no7

    my bad – apparently it was krampfhaft – sentiment still applies.

  • Trainwreckage

    Why would they book Shadow to play a place like that in the first place? He’s not a club DJ. Truth be told… I’ve seen Shadow a few times over the years, he’s not really that good at all. I enjoy his earlier production, but he’s been living off his name for far too long. Sorry Shadow, but the emperor wears no clothes.

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  • Rachel

    Hopefully DJ Shadow will play a FREE make-up gig in Miami for the headz that paid big bucks to see him!!! :D

  • Dj ABC

    This whole gig was doomed from the start. You don’t book a performance dj/turntablist at a dance oriented club that is mainly geared for kids and tourists who have no idea what that scene is about.

    Dj Shadow is a legend and has done many great things as a dj, producer and musician, but he is not renowned as a club dj. I’ve seen him dozens of times, and he’s never rocked the house in a way that got everyone dancing. Also he does have an attitude with his music and style that prefers to challenge the listener rather than get them in a groove.

    They should have just ate it that night and learned their lesson, but now it’s too late to make up for it. The Mansion will be ok though if they stick to catering to their crowd and that crowd’s pop music.

  • Austin

    I like shadow but I saw a bonnaroo set of his that was terrible…

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  • G. Ness

    Miami is a thriving city, but it is also, unfortunately, a slow city. Miami needs time to catch up with the rest of the country, & with more progressive & emerging sounds. Smh. Don’t feel bad.

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