Video: Dominic Lord – “Mozart, Go”


Like A$AP Rocky before him, Dominic Lord has managed to build a substantial buzz without a tremendous body of material. “Mozart, Go” provides a bit of insight into his fast rise (holding aside whatever may be going on behind the scenes), with its incessant, simple chorus and thoroughly modern production that sets the stage for Lord’s rapping, simultaneously engaging and lackadaisical. The video for “Mozart, Go” depicts an adventure through the streets of LA with a nice twist ending. Check it out.


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    I wish he would have stuck to fashion. He seems to have a talent for it, and his rapping is sub par at best. Like most people who have been in the ASAP mob (he is ASAP Dom FYI, or was until he left) the beats he uses are pretty solid.

  • Greeg

    I like it.

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