Video: FIDLAR – “Gimmie Something”


FIDLAR may not agree with the term “slacker rock,” but they’re not going to change many opinions with their new video for “Gimmie Something,” which features footage of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

“Our friend found this video of us playing a couple years back. Back when cocaine was good for you.”


  • Viv

    I really liked their EP “Shit we recorded…”… doesn’t matter how you call it, punk, slacker rock… it’s great noise.

  • Confusion

    Yeah, they are awesome. And although this video is kind of pointless, it’s also kind of hilarious.

  • Viv

    They don’t take things (including themselves as a band) too seriously and this video is proof. They have sense of humor and not that hipster irony crap (represented by types like James Franco). I find that attitude really refreshing.

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