Video: Odd Future Fan Jumps on Stage, Gets Beat Up, is Planning to Sue


During Odd Future‘s December 8th show in San Antonio, 17-year-old Chassan Rasagi jumped on stage and was pushed back into the audience by Hodgy Beats. The audience reportedly pushed Rasagi back to the stage, at which point OFWGKTA attacked the fan. The whole ordeal was caught on tape, although the blurry fan video makes it hard to see who through the first punch. According to some people who were at the show, it was Rasagi.

Rasagi is allegedly planning to sue Odd Future after claiming to have suffered cuts, bruises, and burns. According to TMZ, he’s also claiming that he had two seizures.

  • Binya

    just got done reading a CNN article about the school shooting, then come on here to see this. I think I’m having a nervous break down.. What is this world coming to?? Promoting violence is not cool. I hope Chassan gets millions from them

  • Greeg

    Yeah, I mean, it’s basically the same thing right?

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