Video: Ryan Leslie Breaks Down On Stage After Being Sued For a Million Dollars


In 2010 somebody stole Ryan Leslie’s computer, which had all his music on it. He offered a $20,000 reward for the computer. No response. He upped it to $1,000,000 and a man finally returned the computer. Ryan says that when he tried to load all his music, it wasn’t there. So he never paid the man $1,000,000. The man sued, took Ryan to court, and Ryan was ordered to pay the man $1,000,000.

The singer got very emotional explaining the whole thing while on stage. Watch the clip below.



  • Rob HM

    Kids, store yo shit on an external hard drive!

  • poorryan

    :40 “it just wasn’t meant to be” harsh man

    the way they keep playing sad music is sad like none of them thought “this guys sad, lets play some samba and cheer him up”

  • bryck

    Yes, another situation that breaking out some samba would’ve helped. When will they learn.

  • basedbuddah

    No one feels bad for you having to pay that one million bruh.

  • Malik Flint

    hahaha he cried, though?

  • PancakeMcKennz

    This reminds me of that breakdown part from Lenny William’s “Cause I Love You.”

  • laval

    Why doesn’t he just try to raise money doing shows or making an EP or mixtape.

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