Watch Cat Power Sing to a Classroom of Kids in this Funny Or Die Clip


In Funny Or Die‘s latest sketch, Cat Power plays for a classroom full of children. Things go sour when the immature audience isn’t cooperative, and Chan Marshall drops a dose of reality on the kids.

“Life is hard, and it gets worse and worse and worse and worse.”

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  • Viv

    I just looove Chan, she is simply the best. I was in the audience of her first show in Brazil: she had this awful old amplifier that refused to work and her bangs would cover her eyes and you could feel her shyness and how awkward she felt: it was impossible not to love her. Afterwards, she went to dance and drink capirinhas in the same place I was and she was just great and so sweet with everybody.
    She’s amazing in her art as she is amazing as a person.

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