Watch What Might Be Capital Steez’s Last Recorded Freestyle


Last Friday Joey Bada$$ and the PRO ERA crew were fresh off a release of their new EP project, PEEP: The aPROcalypse. With each member of the clique participating, and firing right on point to boot, the collective had a lot to be thankful for. Then this past Monday, on Christmas Eve, those emotions of excitement and pride quickly transitioned to confusion and sadness over the loss Capital STEEZ, one of the group’s most promising emcees.

It’s difficult to process how a talented, seemingly pleasant 19-year-old could pass away under such curious circumstances. Until more facts are available the most appropriate thing to do is celebrate the gift that Jamal Dewar aka Capital STEEZ shared with his listeners and fans: his music.

On December 4th members of Progressive Era stopped by the Ethik Clothing Company on New York’s Lower East Side to scope a location for one of STEEZ’s upcoming video shoots. After the particulars were addressed those in attendance began to relax, hang out, and drink a bit. Eventually STEEZ, alongside Wati Heru, Dirty Sanchez, and Racks, participated in a freestyle. The session was recored, and according to Alex with Ethik, it may be the last known recording of Capital STEEZ before his unfortunate passing.

  • Fern

    God Bless my grandfather just passed 5 days b4 Christmas! Hold ur head and look up always!

  • Monster

    Sorry to hear that, Fern. Not an easy thing to go through. Hope you’re holding your head up also!

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