What Lil B Fans Are Saying About the End of the World


One of the best things about the Based God is that he brings out a little craziness in us all. He encourages fans to be weird and to accept and embrace that weirdness, and his fans are so appreciative of his positivity and open-mindedness that it’s turned him into something of a cultural icon. Maybe not a cultural icon. Maybe something more along the lines of a human meme. But it’s a great one. A great human meme. Maybe the best human meme of all time.

The point is, Lil B’s existence makes everything a little better, and even when the end of the world is coming, his fans stand by their meme-ish dedication with a dignified loyalty.

You are alive and reading this, so take a second and thank Based God. Then check out what Lil B fans are saying about their leader and the end of the world.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I don’t even know where to start with these tweets. OMG haha

  • SK

    pigeons and planes is the second result when you google lil poopy.

    the first result is a twitter account with spelling too good to be actually run by lil poopy

  • SK

    and i definitely thought i was posting that in the shout out box -____-

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