10 Opinions About Music That Are Commonly Held For Good Reasons


A lot of the time, we play the role of the contrarian simply because someone has to. When we all start thinking the same things, especially about music, things start to get pretty boring. But there are certain widespread opinions that are in place because they make sense. Here are 10 commonly held opinions that are commonly held for good reasons.

By Confusion, Jon Tanners, & Khal

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  • Jumi

    Hipster overload.

  • Batmayne

    I’d like to think that we’re entering another Golden age in hip-hop right now. With some of the great older rappers from the 90s and early 2000s still around and the new cats lead by Kendrick Lamar. There is a lot of innovation happening in the genre right now.

  • Joey G

    I was never a fan of the Beatles. Never was.

    The rest is for sure a bunch of hipster nonsense. Sure there are cases where bands literally do begin to suck once they make it big but in most cases that isn’t true.

    I’ve never subscribed to the old skool was best skool for hip hop, there are plenty of artists who are fantastic and keep hip hop alive. Plus people act like all hip hop from back then was great it wasn’t there was just as much sh*t then as there is now.

    Also, EDM has had a scene in America since the beginning. It’s just becoming worldly popular now. Everyone has a me too attitude.

  • http://indiernb.tumblr.com Erik

    (Justin Vernon’s debut album as Bon Iver was released on Jagjaguwar in 2008 though.)

  • Gyro

    lol at people that refer to Bon Iver as him or his

  • Feels

    that last post could have been left off.. The Beatles are way less repetitive and boring than 95% of electronic music made today. The only people that dislike them are people that never listened to them and get tired of always hearing about how great they are.

  • Dylan

    Did you really just compare The Beatles to electronic music today? smh…

  • http://pigeonsandplanes.com Confusion

    No Dylan, there was no comparison of The Beatles to electronic music today. The point was that kids who grow up on electronic music today probably look for different things in music than what The Beatles have to offer.

  • http://pigeonsandplanes.com Confusion

    And the point is that there are good reasons for people to think these things, not that they are all true. I love The Beatles.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    This is the post that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk.

  • Carlos

    Kings of Leon… great first 3 albums, use somebody = poop

  • Incilin

    Gonna have to disagree with the thing about Europe. Though I do love a bunch of UK singers, Europe is still extra corny to me. Your argument isn’t without merit, it’s true they’re miles ahead when it comes to dance music. But they eat that shit up over there. If you’re an EDM fan, then sure Europe is cool. But as a strictly rap fan, that Euro shit is corny. Besides Danny Brown, no major artists are really taking notes from the Tinie Tempahs or Streets or Dizzle Rascal but you know they all listen to Nas.

    Not sure I agree with the argument behind important either. Sure, someone like the Rolling stones are famous and lots of people like them. But it’s 50 years later and they’re not important to me and they never will be as Eminem, Jay, Kanye, etc. Just saying.

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Monster

    @Incilin that’s a fair point. When talking rap/hip-hop I don’t believe the UK has much of an advantage, but our perspective was based more on EDM, rock and indie styles of music. When I shared this as a suggestion, I was thinking along the lines of (coincidentally) bands like Kings of Leon, The Strokes, and many others who were exploding in the UK during their early years while receiving very little to no attention stateside. It was that European cosign that initially validated them. This is probably more genre specific, but overall I think we have to acknowledge that they’re generally a step ahead.

  • Jut

    All the people who are claiming “hipster nonsense” are quite obviously themselves, hipsters. Good list P&P

  • http://www.twitter.com/jeevens Jeremy

    TL;DR – I think radio can be great, and not as backwards as you described it.

    Perhaps the title should be amended to “commercial radio sucks”. I think that people’s experience with radio depends entirely on which stations they choose to listen to – just as their consumption of music via the internet depends on which sites they frequent.

    For example, I host a weekly show of new music on my university’s radio station. As you’d expect, we don’t have an enormous audience, however we regularly get handfuls of listeners on the live stream who chat with us, and who knows how many listening on the actual radio. Along with my co-host, we hand-pick everything we play (not sourced from major label PR e-mails – sourced from wherever we want, and often I pick stuff I’ve found through you guys!). There’s no pressure on us to play anything we don’t want to. We get to chat about songs and artists, give context to the music, talk about why we like it, what we think, news, etc.

    I guess the point I’m making is, there are plenty of stations, especially small, community ones, that push excellent artists and do good things. Just like there are small blogs that do the same. They’re gatekeepers. Tastemakers. Call them whatever you want.
    Conversely, there are huge commercial stations that only push major label artists on repeat, and there are huge music websites that do the same, often publishing terrible journalism and unnecessarily sensational articles in the hunt for page hits. (This isn’t a dig at you guys by the way, I love your work :) Just drawing a comparison).

  • Robert Attard

    Bon Iver’s debut came out in February 2008….

  • sobercool

    “An artist’s fans affect how we think of them.” And only stupid people fall for this.

  • disqus_XMY5XzWHEu

    i absolutely love this. it’s the most well written piece i’ve read in ages.

  • Doug Linares

    great article.

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