10 Things Every Indie Music Fan Thinks (But Won’t Say)


At one point or another in every indie fan's long and complicated relationship with music, we find ourselves thinking something that we know we should keep to ourselves. We all strive to balance the stereotypical pretentiousness with honesty and an open mind, but we don't always succeed. As much as we love indie music, there are a lot of things we keep quiet about mostly because it makes us look like assholes when we say them out loud. But over the years, we've realized that these are things we all think. Inspired by Complex's post, we realized it's time to buck up, look like an asshole, and say the things that every indie music fan thinks.

By Confusion & Brendan Klinkenberg

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  • CP

    fuck pitchfork

  • SK

    hahahahaha we like some bands because we have to

    Does it make me too mainstream if I enjoy hearing indie music in commercials? (usually followed by a shazaam or youtube search)

  • Rob HM

    I hate pitchfork, they think their opinion is the only one that matters, or as least the matter the most. Plus, their not interesting in the fans opinions, other than annual end of list crap.

  • Viv

    oh my, it’s sooo true.
    Although I do the opposite sometimes to that “We like some bands because we have to”: I secretly hate them(I find some bands extremely boring).

    Ps: The hate for Pitchfork is slowly increasing, have you noticed?

  • Joey G

    I disgree with 10. I don’t like any band/artist for any reason other than because I actually enjoy the music they make. If the band blows they blow. It’s as simple as that.

  • gk

    haha really agree with 3.
    the pitchfork one i agree with you on how dangerous it is especially when they put their sights on hip hop albums. not just through WHICH hip hop albums they set their sights on, but through their reviews which are aimed at a demographic that is not completely in line with the demographic that pays attention to hip hop. they’re slowly changing that though and i see them covering more and more hip hop albums

  • Devin Middleton

    SPOT ON! this definitely applies to underground and 90s era hip hop too.

  • Devin Middleton

    Also the Pitchfork one is very true. I mean, they had the audacity to give Gambino a 1.6

  • Killa Kam

    I heard Ian Cohen said he thought Ashton Kutcher has a lot to offer the show “Two and a Half Men” and doesn’t understand why it’s being cancelled.

  • +00+

    i agree with the list, honestly. But, as an old-fuck who does list sincerely count pavement as tied for favorite band all-time (with the all too predictable atcq), i felt a kick in the gut. my problem lies more with feeling i have to like more current “it” bands than the classics. it’s the same concept, but i hate that folks harbor a deep disdain for (specifically) pavement’s legacy/legend/rep. though, i do recognize plenty of folks who cite atcq in their top-10 who, no doubt, don’t/couldn’t have actually appreciate(d) their role in advancing and innovating within the genre.

    ps. brag
    i got to see atcp’s last show before breaking up and pavement’s last american gig.
    now emo:
    but neither’s reunion shows.

  • Chris

    Whenever people have the conversation about bands we feel we have to like, I ALWAYS say pavement. You guys nailed it, for me.

  • http://shotbro.tumblr.com shotbro

    There’s people out there who don’t like Pavement? I just can’t trust ANYONE anymore.

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