12 Musicians With Disorders and Disabilities


Amazing people lead amazing lives, which is certainly apparent in the careers of these musicians that have battled disorders and disabilities and still managed to become some of the most successful artists in the world. From Bipolar Disorder and OCD to dyslexia and stuttering, here are some musicians and the afflictions they've had to overcome.

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  • Chris

    Michael Angelakos, the lead singer of Passion Pit also has bipolar disorder. I can see that the list has mostly veterans on it though so no oversight…great article

  • Abram

    Syd Barrett was never diagnosed with schizophrenia, and people close to him thought that he actually suffered from a form of autism exacerbated by his drug use. We just didn’t know much about autism (or schizophrenia, to be honest) back when he suffered his breakdown in the 70’s, and it was the popular word for “Dude went crazy, I dunno” at the time. That why people SAY he was schizo, but he wasn’t (most likely).

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