16 Musicians Reimagined as Goths


In the recent past, gothic style has been outsider-y thing deemed not very cool by most of the mainstream, but that is slowly and surely changing. Over the past few years, gothic influence has been infiltrating culture, even in the most unexpected places like pop and hip-hop. Shit, there is even a thing happening called “street goth.” The music and aesthetics of Grimes, Crystal Castles, Purity Ring, Salem and other popular indie acts are embracing the darker things in life, so we decided to imagine what some other less likely goth candidates might look like if they follow suit.

  • lucas

    that earl one is brilliant

  • Kevin Prince

    WTF??? Justin Bieber looks like Grimes

  • Satori

    Real goths don’t smile.

  • Jeremy B

    Jesus Christ, Justin Bieber looks like the missing evolutionary link in Grimes’ family tree

  • Anna Blaze


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