45 People Who Aren’t Rappers But Have a Rap Name Picked Out


There comes a point in every non-rapper’s life when he/she suddenly thinks of the perfect rap name. There are basically two parts to life: before you discover your rap name and after. Once you discover this name, the world around you seems smaller, less significant. Like, now you’ve got your rap name, you start littering more and drinking out of the carton. You stare people down more often and you don’t really get surprised anymore. It’s a cold world, but you embrace it. It’s empowering.

Here are 45 people who discovered their rap name. Congratulations, guys. Welcome.


    this post is just terrible. i mean c’mon, really? this blows.

  • Shane Burke

    Love you’re music A$AP !!

  • Phantasy

    Just don’t post when you have no good content. please?

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com Confusion

    Can you guys just explain why you came into this post? Why? Just to comment and say you didn’t like it? Or based on that headline, were you expecting something other than this?

    Just skip it. Don’t click it if you don’t want to. Can’t you do that? I know that you’re not going to like some of our posts, especially the ones that are slightly trollish in nature, but do they really make you like “FUUKFUFKUCKUFCKFUDKFCUKCk!!!”

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Some people don’t appreciate dumb-funny tweets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • poorryan

    because you’re our content provider confusion, surely without our feedback you wouldn’t know what to post

    also it’s because many of us have visited the site for years and you used to post some really, really good in depth articles.

    you’re like season 3 of our favourite show, it’s starting to get a little crap but we still come because of all the fun you gave us during season 1 and 2

  • Confusion

    @poorryan Hahah damn I can relate to that because I used to love The Dog Whisperer but Cesar Millan fell off. Next thing you know he’s probably going to be doing some kind of daytime talk show for silly old people and it’s like damn Cesar, you need to get out there with those dogs and GTFO with the rest of that bullshit.

  • Luc

    I thought some of them were pretty funny lol.

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