A Picture of Rick Ross Holding a Mountain Lion Cub


The best picture of 2013, so far. It’s going to be hard to top this one. Although many reports are coming in and calling this animal a leopard, cheetah, or lion, we are confident that it is in fact a baby mountain lion. So, here is Rick Ross holding a baby mountain lion. #journalism #factcheck #bigcats #animals #experts #animalexperts #mountainlions

And the perfect caption for the perfect picture: “Come & $uck a D-ck 4 a Millionaire. #TwoKings”


  • supermerde

    by the looks of his coat, that kitty gon get skinned

  • Batmayne

    Hahaha Ross thinks he’s Haile Selassie.

  • Ash

    M-M-Mountain Lion Music

  • Kaytie

    He’s such a boss

  • ralfie

    damn con ur lame as shit

  • Confusion

    lol true

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  • L’z

    haha I laughed harder at the post title than the actual picture

  • http://www.acecoinage.com ACE COINAGE

    While Cougar remains one of the most widely used designations, other popular nicknames include Puma, Mountain Lion, Catamount, Mountain Cat, and Painter – a tribute to the resemblance between the creature’s tail and a paintbrush.

  • Little Wayne

    Couldn’t handle a full grown pussy

  • Ricky Ross

    clearly the cat has just been molested… you can see it in the eyes – really, look at Rick’s eyes. That’s the looks of satisfaction. “I just bagged me sum yung kitty”

  • JoeExotic

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