Album Stream: Toro Y Moi – “Anything in Return”

toro Album Stream: Toro Y Moi   Anything in Return

Toro Y Moi will release his third album, Anything In Return, on January 22nd. Since coming onto the scene and being stuck with the “chillwave” label, Chazwick Bundick has been in a constant state of evolution, steering away from stereotypes and remaining focused on growth rather than recapturing the sounds he’s become known for.

In our interview with Chazwick, he made it clear that even though he leans towards weirder-sounding pop, he wouldn’t mind seeing his name on the pop charts and hearing his music on the radio. Will Anything In Return find that balance between the weird and the accessible? Listen to the full album below (via Pitchfork), and hear for yourself.


  • Jonathan A

    The newer, poppier style is really noticeable at points, but this album is still dope as hell. Something to spin with the friends, and just chill.