A$AP Yams Talks About Being A$AP Rocky’s Spirit Guide, Compares Himself to Yoda


If you’ve read anything about A$AP Rocky‘s crew, you know that A$AP Yams is much more than just the hilarious friend that always leeches off the Mob and doesn’t really have a well-defined set of roles and responsibilities. He’s not Taco. Yams has been behind a lot of the creative direction of Rocky’s career, and he breaks down exactly what he does for The New York Times. It’s pretty clear, really: A$AP Yams = Yoda.

Respect where respect is due, you know?

  • C

    I’ve been following yams’s tumblr and in between shots of the asap crew and other good stuff, he posts the most eclectic and dusty hip hop tracks you’ve ever heard. It’s fantastic.


  • http://lajitstuff.com LaJIT

    Yams is that dude. I like when they shine light on him. Brains behind it all.

  • Devin Middleton

    dammit, I always wanted to call myself Wavy Bone….

  • Matei Nuna

    RIP but terrible. This guy’s passing gets more attention than Capital Steez who actually said some real spiritual shit. Spiritual Guide smh.

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