Beyoncé Lip-Synched The National Anthem at the 2013 Inauguration


It’s standard procedure for artists to record studio versions of songs before big live performances, but according to The London Times, Beyoncé decided “shortly before her performance” that she’d use that studio version instead of actually singing “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the inauguration of President Obama. Just yesterday, we were praising Beyoncé for her classy rendition of our country’s national anthem, but this news puts a stain on the performance. These days, lip-syncing is common among even the most popular and successful artists, but we expected more from Beyoncé, especially given the circumstances.

There has been no comment from Beyoncé or her reps yet. Maybe she’s got a really good excuse, or something.


  • Randy

    brits love their tabloid conspiracies. no one takes it seriously

  • e$hovo

    if it’s true, you can see when she decides against lip synching. she pulls that in-ear out and starts ripping that bitch.

  • Jello

    lol the whole thing is obviously prerecorded. It sounds like a polished, perfect studio recording. You got to give it to her though, she’s a good actress. Everybody lip synchs nowadays anyway.

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