Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Get into Fight Outside Studio in Los Angeles


TMZ reports that outside the Westlake Studio in the Los Angeles last night, Frank Ocean and Chris Brown ran into each other and things ended up getting physical. As TMZ reports it, Frank Ocean and his crew blocked Chris on his way out and sources claim Ocean said, “This is my studio, this is my parking spot.”

TMZ’s sources were apparently associates of Chris Brown and according to them, it was Frank and his people who attacked Chris, leading to a brawl involving several members of each crew. By the time police arrived on the scene, Brown was gone. According to Frank Ocean’s Twitter, he was the one who got attacked. Note: Everest is Frank Ocean’s dog, pictured below.

UPDATE: Since Brown was not on the scene and Ocean reportedly went to the hospital for “minor scratches,” Complex reports that police are referring to Ocean as the victim and Brown as the suspect in the situation. No word on if this will be deemed a violation of Brown’s probation.

UPDATE 2: TMZ spoke with an eyewitness who said that when Frank Ocean refused to shake Chris Brown’s hand, Chris “clocked” Ocean. This is when a crew from each side allegedly jumped in and the eyewitness claims that the brawl “demolished the place” and as the fight moved out into the parking lot, a receptionist called 911. Then Chris Brown fled the scene.

  • CP

    hahah everest is frank’s dog.

  • Hun

    what a violent asshole

  • Vishnu

    I can’t see Frank starting a fight.

  • Bryan

    Fuck Chris Brown

  • Charlie

    I dont know Frank personally but he doesnt he seem the type to just start a fight.

  • C

    I dunno frank either, but on the other hand… Chris brown DID happen to violently beat a woman he was emotionally involved with and also bleached his fucking hair. All bad points

  • crunch

    what a chode

  • crunch

    on another note, that pic with everest is dope. gotta love doogs

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