Danny Brown – “Blunt After Blunt (Noah D Remix)”


There’s a reason why Danny Brown is remixed so often. A good reason. Danny’s flow is like a wild animal, and seeing how it lives in different surroundings is as fascinating as seeing a rogue bear wreak havoc on some small town in Montana.

No matter what kind of pandemonium you throw underneath a Danny Brown flow, his delivery will overpower it. This Noah D remix highlights that undoubtedly. With brash synths, unapologetic bass, and the sinister nature of the original turned up a few levels, there aren’t many rappers that wouldn’t sound completely overwhelmed by this production. Danny, though? Not an issue.

  • http://www.beyondthebits.tumblr.com Beyond The Bits

    The “Aftre” is causing my OCD-tendencies to come out. Though I’m guessing it’s intentional

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