Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge – “White Noise”


Disclosure and AlunaGeorge are two artists that always showed signs that if they wanted to, they could probably make a huge pop record. Slightly more forward-thinking and experimental than most pop hit-makers though, they never fully committed to that one song that you listen to and think, “Oh shit, this is a hit.” Close, but not quite. Until now.

“White Noise” is that song. Pure electronic pop, catchy as fuck, and destined to be a hit.


  • Stuart

    c’mon, latch is a massive tune – heard it going off as someone’s ring tone coupla months ago, surefire sign of a hit.

  • Stuart

    And two days ago I saw a woman in a hijab singing along to it in her car, another surefire sign…

  • mike

    Latch is better than this.

  • Age 20

    I like Latch a little better, but the majority of fans will and probably should appreciate this more because it’s more rooted in the UK music scene. Groove over pop, and a seamless mega jam that can be thrown appropriately into just about any club or boiler room mix.

    But, we can all agree that Jessie Ware Disclosure remix is one of the best dance tune of all-time right? Yea? Sweet.

  • http://pigeonsandplanes.com Confusion

    I don’t think “Latch” could ever do as well in the US as in the UK. It’s that Euro style

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