Download The Neighbourhood’s Cover of “Say My Name” and “Cry Me A River”


Adding their own touch of that chilled out West Coast atmosphere, The Neighbourhood have taken on Destiny Child’s “Say My Name” and Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River.” Who needs Destiny Child reunions and Justin Timberlake comebacks when you’ve got The Neighbourhood covers?

Lead singer Jesse Rutherford:

Our tour manager (@ellisusa) showed us a remix of ‘Say My Name’ recently and we all dug it a lot. I’ve always loved that song. That is what I grew up on—just late ’90s early 2000s radio pop…. Just learned the chords and took it to our own place. We were playing it and I just started singing ‘Cry Me a River’ in the middle and it sounded dope so we decided to mash the two together.”

Thanks to @FleaTheMagician for the heads up.

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  • Dan Fratoni

    These guys are talented. Digging the indie-alternative sound and their “Sweater Weather” video.

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