Video: G-Eazy ft. Carnage – “LOADED”


You can just picture the meeting in which ideas for this video were thrown around. Beach? Check. Beautiful girls? Check. Lotion being rubbed on Carnage’s belly? Check.

Still, something was missing.


Of course.

Not sure if it was Carnage or G-Eazy‘s idea, but high-five to whoever thought of the zebra: respect.

  • MusicMad

    Works for me.

  • Rob HM

    “Imma very bad man, I’m captain hook” – Come on son, what the fuck is that? This is some of the cringiest rapping I’ve ever heard. Are these guys being serious in this? And that’s a Serious question.

  • SK

    I bet the girls are beat as fuck thats why you never see their faces. Always been a fan of the song though

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