Grimes’ Best Tweets of 2013, So Far


Over the past months, Grimes has been getting better and better at Twitter, and since the start of 2013 it has seemed like she’s reached some kind of holy Twitter pinnacle. We’ve always complained about most indie artists sucking at Twitter, and we couldn’t be happier to have Grimes be the one to step up and do it right. She’s fucking great, and her tweets are proof. Here are her best from the year so far in a series that we’ll be doing weekly from now on, called “Grimes’ Best Tweets of the Week.”

Just kidding, we’re not going to do this every week. Well, I don’t know, maybe we should. Let us know if you think we should.

You probably won’t think we should. You’ll probably be like, “This post is stupid. Who cares?”

God, you guys are so fucking annoying in the comments section. Can we talk about that? If we want to post about Grimes’ tweets and foreigners’ thoughts on Justin Timberlake, just let us. At least let it slide on the weekend. You can skip it if you think it’s dumb. I mean, you see the headline—it’s not that complicated. It’s not like you click it, get to the post, and think, “Oh, fuck, this isn’t at all what I thought it was! I was expecting something totally different!”

I guess you see it and you’re like, “That sounds stupid. I’m gonna click in there and let them know that I think what they’re doing is stupid.”

But there are so many stupid things on the Internet, how do you choose what to comment on and what to just leave alone and let be stupid? Let be stupid? Does that make sense? Let be stupid? Where am I? Oh no I’ve been rambling.

Follow @Grimzsz, and take a journey through her best tweets of 2013.



  • Bryan

    You mad bro? I actually like this post a lot. I didn’t mean to cause such a ruckus.

  • Confusion

    Ok phew glad that is behind us.

  • Batmayne

    This Grimes post has my official seal of approval.

  • Jubie

    I don’t get all the Grimes dick riding. In my opinion her music is mediocre at best, and her personality is like one of those weird cute girls from your high school that you thought was special and artsy and then you go to your house and she’s really just a super loaded wealthy kid who owns a keyboard and sucks at painting

  • dick i am

    if u think this comment section’s bad, u need 2 c Half the comments are correcting spelling mistakes, and say they hate the website anyway.

  • Confusion

    Nah Grimes is awesome. Her music is awesome, she’s awesome, and I bet she could paint something cool if you gave her a brush and a canvas. #DickRidingGrimes

  • Devin Middleton

    I love how you said “It’s not like you click it, get to the post, and think, “Oh, fuck, this isn’t at all what I thought it was! I was expecting something totally different!””

    I do that exact same thing, n now im dying b/c that rant was so random and unexpected n I could actually feel the anger and I thought it was hilarious.

  • Jon Tanners


  • Ash

    Let’s just not forget that Kanye (back when he was active) and Lil B are the gawds of tweeting.

  • fruust

    pre-homophobic jmt?
    so before the amber probe ep?

  • codine

    This post is awesome…Grimes and Nick cage …i’ve yet to see both in a room together…You do the math.

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