Hear a Fleetwood Mac and 2 Chainz Mash-Up From the Upcoming “Skeetwood Mac”

skeetwood Hear a Fleetwood Mac and 2 Chainz Mash Up From the Upcoming Skeetwood Mac

Next week, Scott Melker (who releases music as The Melker Project) is dropping a mash-up EP called Skeetwood Mac. Does anything else need to be said? It’s an EP of mash-ups, and it’s called Skeetwood Mac. End of story.

It feels wrong to enjoy this. 2 Chainz and Fleetwood Mac? That’s almost disrespectful, but admit it, this sounds kind of nice, especially when things really pick up at the two-minute mark. To make this blasphemous guilty pleasure mash-up, Melker took “The Chain” and mixed it with the 2 Chainz instrumental “Yuck” and his verses from three different tracks. It will be interesting to see what else Skeetwood Mac has in store.