How Having Children Affected the Music of 15 Legends


A few weeks ago, in classic Yeezy fashion, Kanye West had the blogs buzzing over some choice performance attire he wore during a show at the Revel Ovation Hall in Atlantic City. Sporting what appeared to be DOOM's mask covered in cotton balls, West ripped through an inspiring set that left onlookers equal parts impressed and confused. At that time we all thought, "this man must be out his damn mind!!" and then the following night he confirmed it.

The only way to top rapping in a whipped cream Yeti mask is by auto tune announcing that you've impregnated a Kardashian. Once the shock wore off, fans began to speculate about how this new baby would impact Kanye's music. Would the prescence of an infant soften his beats and flow? Will he find untapped inspiration in this new gift of life and unharness the most ambitious album of his career?

With Cruel Winter reportedly off, and a new solo Kanye album rumored to be in the works, it's anyone's best guess as to how this will all play out. Rather than try to predict Ye's next move we decided to take a peak back at history instead and see how having children affected the music career of 15 legends.

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  • Chris

    on the John Lennon one … PHRASING! It reads like John married his mother, not that John married Julian’s mother

  • C

    I think it’d be interesting to note that Lennon was emotionally abusive to his son Julian and that Julian would later state in interviews that Paul was more of a father than his real one ever was.

  • Monster

    @C, that is a good point to raise. Paul did play a big role in Julian’s early years. However, that’s a whole other side of the story that I chose not to dive into simply because it would have been too extensive to compress into a couple of short paragraphs.

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