How To NOT Pick An Annoying Stage Name: A Guide For Nameless Musicians


If you and your musician friends are looking for a new stage name, there are certain things that you may want to avoid. There are a number of keys to success in the world of music, but in an age when Google searches are so prevalent and everyone is looking to be innovative because it's all been done, a good stage name is key. Ever have issues figuring out which letters in Schoolboy Q are capitalized? Having trouble doing proper research on Future because Google is leading you down unrelated Internet wormholes? We experience these things too (daily), and in hopes of preventing further confusion and annoyance, P&P has compiled a rough guide for how to not pick an annoying stage name.

By Katie Kelly, Brendan Klinkenberg, and Joyce Ng

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  • Johnford

    Well, I don’t really agree with vowel less names, this is a way to actually be googleable when you have a common name. You don’t save time writing TNGHT, but you do find the band instead of a million of useless google results when you search it.

  • Gia

    The tune-yards capitalization is obnoxious and off-putting, but she gets a pass because she’s fucking amazing.

  • greek

    This is all good to know.

  • Batmayne

    Lil’ Poopy is not to be messed with.


    so… lets give a bunch of examples of people who are successful in the blogosphere and tell everyone else NO not to do that. cool. I think people like to hunt for new music. the harder it is to find (and the better the music) the more intrigued i am to stumble upon it. check yourself. your arrogance is showing.

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