How To Start a Successful Music Blog in 2013


By Confusion and Brendan Klinkenberg

Over the past few years, music blogging has been changing as much as the music industry itself. As a whole, consumers are starting to look at music differently, and signs of this are evident on the Internet more obviously than anywhere else. Just three years ago, things looked a lot different and getting started as a music blogger was a lot easier. These days things are more complicated, there's a lot more competition, and the rules are constantly becoming more confusing. Still, if you want to start a music blog in 2013, we'd encourage you to give it a shot. Just make sure you know what you're doing.

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  • kGb

    I really enjoyed this article — a lot of these principles parallel with how to be successful as an indie artist nowadays using online music blogs and other means of exposure. Consistency, originality, giving credit where it’s due, understanding the unspoken rules, taking risks, being patient… shit you can apply this to many things. #takingnotes

  • Mark

    You forgot the #1 requirement. Have financial backing/coding skills.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    Giveaways always help improve readership.

  • Fats

    How about someone make a blog that doesn’t try to shape people’s style and just reports the news. That would be pretty original.

    sn: That wasn’t a shot at P&P. I love P&P

  • Confusion

    @Fats We love you too.

  • Session Blogger

    Another great article and brilliant advice for a new music blogger like me. Cheers.

  • TTN

    If anybody who is reading this is interested in a website that combines Hip Hop and Indie/Alternative music with Streetwear and Art, feel free to check out my London-based website, Thanks!

  • Co

    I started a site called with new artist and different brands. Check it out

  • Neesh

    Thank you for this article! It’s helped me realize that I’m not alone in a lot of what I’ve been thinking, and that I’m not entirely off-track. Truly appreciate this, and feel inspired. Thanks again P&P!

  • Marko Saric

    Good advice definitely! Go for it, produce some great content, network with your targeted audience and make sure not to give up too soon but have patience and keep blogging. Sooner or later you will reach that tipping point where you start seeing benefits of being a blogger.

  • Mind

    All of you commenters blogs look like shit. Honest, except for thisthatnew.

  • Lometto

    If blogs don’t always linkback, it’s sometimes because they fear of loosing their audience in favor of other blogs. It’s a bad aspect of competition.

    Great article, I hope my blog could respect these indications.
    Keep Going P&P

  • Andrea Avino


  • Alex Dreyer

    AAAAHHh Disqus… About time… Great post. I know a lot of bloggers are going to be upset as a reaction to fear that this already saturated market will become super saturated. Don’t be SCUUUURD A little competition will keep you on your toes.

  • michael shafer

    Great advice, my friend and very well written.

  • Ravi Kumar

    Good Share, I also would like to star my blog in my website too.

    Thanks from team

  • Felicia

    Which blog site would you recommend? I heard that Google Blogger pulls music blogs down.

  • Guest

    Good Blog

  • Robin Resound

    lol why hatin much

  • Darryl Carter Jr.

    Great article, very informative

  • Natalie Japlon

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Daniel

    Haha very good advice bro :)

  • Dorothy

    Cool :) you’re right.. I just tried starting a music blog :)

  • Sound Of Music Mobile Disco

    Iv’e always wanted to start a music blog but i started a mobile disco website instead i may start a music blog to go along side my mobile disco site in the future thanks for the tips

  • Em Dub

    Find your niche & stay consistent…

  • Melina

    Merci beaucoup :)

  • Jessica

    So many people have a music blog nowadays. I think the only way to have a popular blog is to have a blog that talks about artists that are played on the radio and then most likely bashing everything about them. I really wish that more people would be open minded and would read about some lesser bands and maybe get interested in them.


  • Angel

    Burning Elephant: tell me what you guys think

  • DJ manabutter


    I’m new to the blogging world, but that doesn’t make me any less passionate. My focus is Hip Hop music and the daily blog is called I would be interested in having my work syndicated to PIGEONS AND PLANES. Much love and respect to everything you guys do, just thought I’d reach out and try to build some community.

    MAHALO for listening …
    ~ DJ manabutter


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  • French Shuffle

    Great tips! Really enjoyed reading. I think the article was pretty genuine, though it could delve pretty deep (SEO, PR0-10, Advertising, etc.) Anyways, cheers from

  • Carl Tulumello

    I love writing music blogs but a lot of people do this. So as you say – stay passionate and make sure your blog is better than any others out there! I’ve just spent a lot of time writing one on Old Skool dance classics.

  • Toni’s Adventures

    I’m really glad I found this. I’ve been blogging for a while but never really thought about combining my passion for music in my blog! Then I started and googled for more info and found this!

  • Adam McDonald

    For me the most important tip was the last about when to expect results. I started my own music review blog ( a couple of months back and I have been writing consistently ever since. However the results seem to minimal-I was expecting this though, knowing about online blogging with experience. I needed a little motivation and I sure have got it. Thanks a lot. :)

  • Adrian

    I’ve been blogging for some time. Blogging about a topic which you enjoy gives you the most motivation. Not just blogging about topic that fetch the most traffic.

  • therecker

    I have a few gig guide website and realy want somebody to blog about the live music scene somebody who loves to watch live music and talk about it
    areas coverd at the mo are Weymouth and Purbeck

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