Interview: Jessie Ware Talks New Album, Who She Wants to Work With, and Meeting Tyler, The Creator


Jessie Ware is teetering on the cusp of stardom. With her new EP, If You’re Never Gonna Move, dropping stateside this Tuesday, the 28-year-old British songstress, whose sound is a cross between ‘80s soul and R&B and today’s electro-pop, will prove herself a refreshing addition to a musical landscape flooded by kitschy, tart pop stars.

However, she’s not exactly a freshman in the music game. Ware’s already been a steady topic of conversation among listeners across the pond, where she’s already put out her impressive debut album, Devotion. But don’t get us wrong, she isn’t even close to becoming a jaded veteran either. As she reintroduces her music to folks outside of the UK, Ware’s still a self-proclaimed geek star struck by her peers and trying to get a handle on her own celebrity.

We had the privilege of talking to music’s “Next Big Thing” about her upcoming EP, gaining footing in the U.S., and her perfect idea of fame.

Interview by Tara Aquino

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