Is G3NESIS Going to be the Next Buzz Act in Indie Rap?


There is music you instantly like and music you instantly dislike, and then there is music that, for whatever reason, captures your interest but leaves you not knowing what to think. This is the third kind.

G3NESIS’ look and sound is something that may be a little confusing, but also makes perfect sense in 2013. There are elements of Kitty Pryde and Kilo Kish mixed in with a little Grimes, and while it leaves something to be desired musically—the lo-fi production is basic, the rapping sounds amateurish—it is clearly the style and aesthetic that makes this so engaging and interesting.

The duo is sure to have polarizing effects. Some will immediately cosign simply because G3NESIS feels like something that, with a little push, could be the new hype. Some won’t get it and will immediately dismiss it as garbage. Others will just be like, “Hm, I don’t even know what to think.” I guess that’s where I’m at right now, but it will be interesting to see if this picks up any momentum.

G3NESIS is from Vancouver, BC, and consists of Genesis Mohanrai (rapper) and Kelin Kaardal (producer/singer). Thanks to Cracked Atoms for the heads up.

  • Batmayne

    It’s cute but I hope it isn’t.

  • saulgoode

    just because someone would dismiss this as garbage doesn’t automatically mean they don’t get it. i get it. it just sucks, but unfortunately this is the type of shit that is all too prevalent in van.

  • Confusion

    Some will get it and dismiss it as garbage.

  • saulgoode

    much better.

  • Adler

    “buzz act” is the perfect word for this. There’s nothing more here than a temporary buzz, a fascination for something ‘unpolished’ (but let’s be honest, this is horrible), and people may even like them for irony sake, but only for a very short period of time (ie. Kreyshauen)…then we move on to the next musical one night stand provided by blogs and PR firms alike.

  • Confusion

    I mostly agree but i think there is something interesting about the acts that could only exist in these times.

  • Name Mcnamertin

    Could this group be the next big thing? Maybe. But i sincerely hope not. I agree with the guy above me, i dont think that “not getting it” will be the reason it gets dismissed. Some music just isn’t that great.

    But you never know, maybe they will evolve into some Harmony Korine type of duo who just puts out a very unique, eclectic type of awesome.

  • PancakeMcKennz

    I’d definitely like “Yes Daddy” if it had a bit more polish. Maybe it needs a remix. Some guitars and stronger percussion.

  • Hazzman

    This track is tight. And it’s stupid that people on here are writing this group off based on one song, ridiculous.

  • jut

    I want to date both these girls as one entity..

  • Adler

    I should have clarified:

    as much as I don’t particularly enjoy this song, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “buzz acts”. They’re a much needed break from all the manufactured, overly polished, perfect pitch, perfectly produced artists we hear on the radio/major blogs.

    Confusion, you hit it right on the head when you say they can only exist in these times. I think it’s great the internet gives way for artists like this to grow and experiment.

    I mean I’d still rather hear this girl rap over consequence any day.

  • Jonathan A

    Listened to this song a couple time.
    for most of it, I can’t really hear what she’s saying.

    I like the beat though, and they seem to have an eye for the type of act they’re going for.

    On the second listen I liked it more, and think it’s a fine song.

    Next big thing? Not sure. I don’t see this getting the same type of support as other, similar “buzz acts.”

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