Kid Cudi to his Record Label: “If Things Don’t Change Soon, There’s Gonna Be Some Problems”


Kid Cudi‘s got one of the most dedicated fan bases out. With or without radio play, his following stays engaged, but according to some recent tweets, Cudi doesn’t feel like his label is doing its job. He points out that even though his music gets millions of views on VEVO, he gets no radio exposure. He also makes it clear that he takes his music very seriously and that he’s not willing to just sit back and let this happen.

Is Cudi not getting the label support he deserves?

(Twitter via Complex)

  • thegarbageman

    cudi has fallen off. Get real. when is the last time you heard good cudi?

  • Ghost

    ^^^ Everything but WZRD has been golden.. what the hell u talkin bout?

  • ralfie

    both of u shut the fuck up wzrd is still fucking amazing today eat my dick

  • Travaun

    Cudi is a true Artist not some passing fad or trendish hip hop act..

  • DarkAssKnight

    wow, people actually comment on here

  • Kevin Prince

    Cudi is gonna go down as a legend eventually. He’s been dropping great music consistently for years now and he deserves for his label to do anything to get him exposed. He’s a real artist that actually cares about the music and they don’t really back him but you’ve got garbage artists like Ke dollar sign a playing every half second… My point is son is a legend in the making and he should get the shine he’s worked so hard for

  • Greek

    Cudi had a major fan base but sometimes you want the world to know your talent it’s the labels job to make sure that happens.

  • Devan

    The last Cudi hit that I’ve heard on the radio we “Make Her Say”. Do you know how long that was? Personally I’m glad he is not mixed in with these whack ass rappers on the radio but give the dude his shine. He’s a music artist not no Youtube rapper

  • Steezy

    Hell Yeah!! What the fuck is up with that???

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